The Jorf Lasfar platform increases its sulfur storage and processing capacities

La plateforme de Jorf Lasfar augmente ses capacités de stockage et de transformation du soufre.

Resilience remains the watchword for the Group's industrial teams during this period. The pace of industrial sites is still as high as ever. At the Jorf Lasfar site, the rehabilitation of the sulfur melting points is in full swing, the port not having been affected by the COVID crisis.

These melting points, known as Unit 63, are part of the oldest sulfur port facility. Intended for the liquefaction of sulfur by fusion, these eight melting points will allow the Jorf Lasfar site to increase its sulfur transformation capacities to meet its production commitments. The total capacity of Unit 63 will therefore have to reach more than 12 thousand tons of sulfur fusion per day.

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