Our governance

Governance at OCP is fundamental to its organization and operation and is a long-term project of shared responsibility. It is both necessary for good management and a strategic tool. Governance includes procedures, rules, and structures that are implemented to ensure transparent operations and balanced power. Leveraging effective decision-making and management with all the Group's stakeholders, governance at OCP ensures not only compliance with regulations, but also the vitality of business projects, the Group's vision, and its ambitions. 

Governance is based on values that underlie all the company’s action: integrity, ethics, and transparency.

These principles also shape OCP’s corporate culture: this is why all who belong to the Group feel great pride. OCP’s administrative bodies apply these principles to all levels of the organization.

Our board of Directors

OCP conducts its operations in compliance with Moroccan law on limited liability companies. As such, OCP has a Board of Directors that determines the general orientations of the company’s activities and oversees their implementation, subject to powers that are expressly reserved to the shareholders and in accordance with OCP’s corporate purpose.

The members of the Board of Directors* are:

M. Mostafa Terrab Chairman of the Board
M. Abdelouafi Laftit  Interior Minister  
M. Moulay Hafid Elalamy  Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade, and Digital Economy
M. Nasser Bourita Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
M.  Mohamed Benchaaboun Minister of Economy and Finance
M. Aziz Rabbah Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development
M. Mohammed Sadiki  General Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Banque Centrale Populaire  Represented by its President and CEO
Mrs. Samya Belhaj Secretary of the Board

*Composition at end of june 2020.

The Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee is in charge of assisting the Board of Directors in its control operations and reviewing half-year and year-end results. 
The Committee’s main functions are: 

  • Assessing the adequacy of the Group’s internal control operations and coordinating internal and external audit operations;
  • Approving the annual internal audit program;
  • Evaluating accounting principles and methods;
  • Examining risks and evaluating the significance of such risks;
  • Monitoring compliance with the recommendations made at previous Audit and Risk Committee meetings;
  • Helping the Board of Directors improve internal control, risk management, and network and information security.

The Committee meets twice a year according to legal provisions, or more if necessary.


  • Director of DEPP (Department of Public Enterprises and Privatization), Chairman 
  • Government Commissioner, Vice-Chairman
  • BCP (Banque Centrale Populaire) representative
  • CFO of OCP S.A, Secretary of the Committee.

Permanent participants:

  • Internal and external OCP S.A. auditors
  • Account auditors

Three committees support this governance:

Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee focuses on OCP’s medium- and long-term strategy. It is chaired by the CEO and composed of Managing Directors. 

Management Committee

The Management Committee is in charge of validating the Group’s medium- and long-term strategic planning decisions approved by the Strategic Committee. 
It is chaired by the CEO and includes Managing Directors and Executive Vice Presidents.    

Operational Committee

The Operational Committee is in charge of short-term decisions and operational coordination.
It is made up of operational managers and is chaired on a rotating basis by an Executive Vice President.

Senior Management

OCP Group’s Senior Management is structured on two levels:  :

  • Senior Management is made up of the CEO and the Managing Directors who administer the Group’s long-term processing strategy, ensure cross-functional cohesion, and oversee the Executive Vice Presidents;
  • Executive Vice Presidents are in charge of the operational management of the Group’s main business lines/operations.

Organizational chart

Mostafa Terrab
Mostafa Terrab
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Joined OCP in 2006. 
Previously Managing Director at the National Regulatory Telecommunication Agency (1998), Lead Regulatory Specialist at the World Bank (Washington, 2002). 
PhD in Operational Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge, USA, 1990), holder of an Engineering Master at the same institute (1982) and graduate from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris (1979). 
More than 30 years of experience.

Faris Derrij
Chief Human Capital & Services Officer

Joined the OCP Group in 2010. 
Started his career at OCP as Global Mining Performance Director before taking the lead at the Production Direction of the Merah Béni Idir Axis – Khouribga site, then Director of Gantour site. 
Then he held the position of Director of the Safi site. In 2016 he became Executive Vice President of Human Capital.
Previously, M. Derrij occupied several positions at TOTAL France and Meditel. Graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Iliass Elfali
Iliass Elfali
Chief Operating Officer

Joined OCP in 2009. Started his career at OCP as Project Manager at the Strategy and Partnership Direction. He then took charge of the Patnership Direction then the IMACID Direction in Jorf Lasfar before becoming Director of the Safi site. In 2015 he became Executive Vice President of Industrial Operations.
Prior to joining the group, M. Elfali held several positions at Lesieur Cristal, Air Liquide Maroc and Ynna Steel. 
Graduated from the Ecole des Mines in Paris. 

Soufiyane EL KASSI
Soufiyane EL KASSI
Chief Growth Officer

Joined OCP in 2010. Joined OCP in 2000
Started his career at OCP as production engineer and then in charge of mining extraction in Khouribga. He was a member of the task force in charge of the Industrial Development Program in 2007. He was then in charge of the Business Steering direction before becoming director of the Gantour site.
From 2015 to 2018 he held the position of Executive Vice-President Industrial Development before joining JESA as General Manager.
Graduate of Ecole des Mines de Paris.

Ghislane Guedira
Ghislane Guedira
Chief Financial Officer

Joined OCP in 2010 as Advisor to the Chairman and CEO on Financial Strategy, before becoming Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer in 2013.
Prior to joining the Group, Ms. Guedira has held several important positions in the ONA Group (now Al Mada Group) and CMH (now Winxo). She started her career in the audit and consulting firm Arthur Andersen. 
She is a Graduate from ESCP Business School. 

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