Our Vision

Contribute to sustainably feeding a growing world population

For nearly a century, OCP Group has been working to support sustainable agriculture, with which we can respond to the demographic challenges of the future and thus feed a global population of close to 10 billion people. Because we believe that balanced fertilization is the key to resilient and sustainable agriculture, we use all our know-how to benefit farmers around the world.

Mostafa Terrab, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer – OCP Group

For nearly a century, the Group has seen the world population grow swiftly from less than 2 billion in 1920 to more than 7 billion today to reach approximately 9  billion by 2050. This rapid population growth requires a 77% increase in global agricultural production just to meet world population food demands. To this end, we must triple crop yields by 2050 and double phosphate nutrient consumption. Fertilizer production is therefore crucial. With this in mind, the Group launched an industrial processing strategy in 2008 that required an investment of almost MAD 200 billion. From mining the phosphate rock to transporting it and processing it into fertilizers, this approach aims to promote sustainable agriculture by doubling the Group's mining capacity and tripling its processing capacity by 2025, while reducing its environmental footprint.


Our strategy aimed at Africa

Our Africa strategy aims to boost Africa’s agricultural potential. This commitment is part of OCP group's broader vision of helping African farmers prosper. Africa is at the heart of the new Moroccan strategy for cooperation and sustainably unlocking the continent’s immense agricultural potential, a goal OCP works towards on a daily basis. In the interest of sharing and joint development, the group contributes to supplying agricultural needs worldwide, preserving the environment, and supporting the communities in which it operates. For more information on OCP Group’s commitments :


Our commitments


The nutritional power of a natural resource

An essential mineral for agricultural development, phosphate is a major source of energy that promotes better plant growth.


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